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Fly Tying: The Angler’s Art, now in its fifth season is developed for distribution to public television stations across the United States and for international distribution. The series instructs individuals in the art of tying fly patterns for fishing; addressing tying techniques, use of materials, and presentation of flies. The 30 minute programs also examine how and why patterns attract fish. Seasons 1-3 are hosted by Dr. David Engerbretson and LeRoy Hyatt. Seasons 4 & 5 are hosted by LeRoy Hyatt and Carolyn Sells. Each season a special program is produced that is only available on DVD
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Step to the beat of the 90s with this energetic aerobic workout, featuring host Sue Graham. Designed to build stamina from low-impact to moderately intense activity, the workout features a special member of the team whose movements guide those interested in a modified-intensity approach. 
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Now you can purchase episodes of Sid Webb's Digital Studion on DVD. Click Here  to to view the list and descriptions of the dvds we now offer.

Nothing beats a meal in the great outdoors!  Now you can purchase your very own cookbook with dozens of recipes from Dutch Oven Host "Butch" Welch.

In the spring of 1806, Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery began to retrace their steps back to the west coast. Most of the return trip followed the group’s original path, but one portion hid a shortcut that lay forgotten to Lewis & Clark history for years.
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Discovered by accident along the banks of the Columbia River, the ancient remains known as Kennewick Man have raised a host of intriguing and hotly debated questions. Purchase  this exciting drama behind the controversy with Kennewick Man on Trial.
Lecture Series - October 22 & 23, 1999.

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