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Fly Tying The Angler's Art
Learn the art of tying fly patterns for fishing from professional fly-tier, fly tying columnist and instructor LeRoy Hyatt and newcomer Carolyn Sells. LeRoy and Carolyn describe how and why certain patterns attract different fish, tying techniques, the use of materials and presentation of flies.
     Episode 301
Exciter (dry), Hump's Sulphur (Nymph), Baby Leech (Panfish)
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The Exciter is a LeRoy Hyatt original that is a great searching fly, and an all-around dry fly pattern. Hump's Sulphur Nymph was developed by Joe Humphreys to imitate the nymph of the various species of mayflies that go by the name of "sulphur," but it's also a good generic nymph for general use. The show finishes with the Baby Leech, a good bet for panfish everywhere.

Episode 302
B.W.O. (Dry), Buck Bug (Steelhead), Black Knight (Nymph)
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Many hatches across the country go by the name of "Blue Wing Olive," and this dry fly version in various sizes is a good match for them. Many steelhead anglers are familiar with the waking fly called the Bomber. Here is a wingless version with a Krystal Flash tail that some steelheaders prefer. The Black Knight is another LeRoy Hyatt original which makes a good nymph for general use.

Episode 303
LeTort 'Hopper (Dry), Simple Crayfish (Bass), Peacock & Pheasant (Nymph)
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Everyone needs a good grasshopper pattern. The LeTort `Hopper from Pennsylvania is both easy to tie and very effective. If you're a bass angler, especially for smallmouth, you'll need a good crayfish pattern, and this one called the Simple Crayfish should do the trick. We close with another good generic nymph that combines two proven nymph materials, the Peacock and Pheasant.

Episode 304
Grizzly Wulff (Dry), Soft Hackle Mickey Finn (Streamer), Palmered Gnat (Panfish)
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The Wulff series of dry flies is extremely popular in the western United States, and in the smaller sizes, is also effective in other parts of the country. In this show we'll tie the Grizzly Wulff. The traditional Mickey Finn has long been one of the most effective attractor streamers. We'll tie a newer version, the Soft Hackle Mickey Finn that just may start a new tradition. We'll finish with a panfish pattern, the Palmered Gnat.

Episode 305
Dark Cahill (Dry), Krystal Flash Soft Hackle (Wet), Laced Diver (Bass)
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The Dark Cahill is a classic eastern dry fly that is equally at home as a generic pattern in trout waters everywhere. The old wet fly patterns are not as popular as they once were, which is unfortunate because they are still very effective. Here is a new wet fly that is anything but traditional, and deserves a try, the Krystal Flash Soft Hackle. For you bass anglers, we present the Laced Diver, by Al Beatty that makes use of a spectacular new genetic feather.

Episode 306
Furled Body Dry, Hump’s Cress Bug (Wet), E-Z Spey (Steelhead), Sparrow (Wet)
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The Furled Body Dry is the easiest to tie, extended body mayfly pattern that we've ever seen, and the technique can be used to tie a fly to match any hatch. Hump's Cress Bug, by Joe Humphreys, was developed to match the cress bugs of the eastern spring creeks. It's a "must have" fly for fishing those waters and spring creeks everywhere. The E-Z Spey is a LeRoy Hyatt original steelhead pattern, and the name says it all.

Episode 307
Peacock Caddis (Dry), Moose River Bucktail (Streamer), Sinking Spider (Panfish)
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The Peacock Caddis Dry features an elk hair wing and a peacock body to create a very nice caddis pattern. The Moose River Bucktail is a fairly standard bucktail pattern with an innovative use of golden pheasant tippet feathers for a nice touch of color. The Sinking Spider is an easy to tie panfish wet fly with the wiggly rubber legs which all panfish love.

Episode 308
Red Quill (Dry), Double E (Nymph), Winter Candlelight
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The Red Quill Dry fly is one of the truly classic eastern dry flies. The Double E Nymph is a Dave Engerbretson original that makes use of a new genetic soft feather, the "Chickabou." It's a dynamite fly, especially for stillwater fishing. The Winter Candlelight Spey is a LeRoy Hyatt variation on a popular northwest steelhead pattern.

Episode 309
Waterboatman (Dry), Olson's Deceiver (Bass), Iron Blue Spider (Wet)
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For some reason, few anglers seem to carry patterns to represent waterboatmen, but when trout or panfish are feeding on them, if you don't have one, you're out of luck. A few of these dries could save the day. For largemouth bass anglers we present Olson's Deceiver, a red and white clipped deer hair version of the old Bass Oreno plug. The Iron Blue Spider is a soft hackled wet fly in the classic tradition.

Episode 310
Clark’s No-Hackle Caddis (Dry), Peacock Matuka (Streamer), ’52 Buick (Wet)
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Sometimes the most simple patterns work the best. The Clark's No Hackle Caddis is an unusual dry fly with a simple extended body of blended poly and an elk hair wing. The matuka-type tying produces a durable streamer with an excellent silhouette. When you combine it with a peacock body, the result is a real winner_the Peacock Matuka. We end the show with another LeRoy Hyatt original, the '52 Buick wet fly.

Episode 311
Pheasant Tail (Dry), Doc Spratley (Wet), The Boss (Steelhead)
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The Pheasant Tail Nymph should be found in every fly fisher's box. Enough said! The Doc Spratley wet fly is well known to western stillwater anglers, and should be effective in lakes everywhere. The Boss is a popular northwest steelhead pattern featuring bead chain eyes.

Episode 312
Canadian Sedge (Dry), Mormon Girl (Wet), Spring Crappie Darter (Panfish)
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The Canadian Sedge is a dry caddis from north of the border that should be effective wherever caddis are found_and that's everywhere. The Mormon Girl is a very old wet fly pattern which is still a favorite of wet fly anglers. The Spring Crappie Darter combines all three of the crappie's favorite colors, yellow, white and black, to produce a killer wet fly.

Episode 313
Chamo-the-Killer Leech (Streamer), Harvey’s Stonefly (Nymph), Teeny Nymph (Nymph)
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Anyone who fishes stillwater needs a leech pattern, and one of our favorites, Chamo-the-Killer Leech, makes use of the slinky action of a strip of chamois leather. Anything with George Harvey's name on it is worth trying and his Stonefly Nymph is no exception. Another outstanding nymph is the Teeny Nymph developed by Jim Teeny. It only uses one piece of material, is simple to tie, and it catches fish in all waters.

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