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071714newmanslabel KWSU - GIVE IT ALL AWAY: NEWMAN'S OWN RECIPE, Wed. July 23rd @ 8:30pm
This documentary traces Paul Newman's legacy of giving. It chronicles the path of the Newman's Own Foundation food company - the brainchild of Newman and writer A.E. Hotchner - as it evolved and funded a variety of charities across the nation. To date, the foundation has distributed more than $370 million to thousands of programs throughout the US and around the globe. The film profiles some of the nonprofit beneficiaries of Newman's Own Foundation, and the inspirational people behind them.

072314my-wild-affair_orangatang_2__ts KTNW - MY WILD AFFAIR: THE APE WHO WENT TO COLLEGE, Wed. July 24th @ 8pm
Hear extraordinary stories of the bonds between humans and their animal companions.
About The Ape Who Went to College

This episode features Chantek, the orangutan raised as a human child on an American university campus during the 70s and 80s. Taught to speak in sign language, he is now living among his own kind at Zoo Atlanta, although he describes himself as an “orangutan person.”

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Fly Tying: The Angler's Art, instructs individuals in the art of tying fly patterns for fishing; addressing tying techniques, use of materials, and presentation of flies. The 30-minute programs also examine how and why patterns attract fish. Seasons 1-3 are hosted by Dr. David Engerbretson and LeRoy Hyatt. Seasons 4 & 5 are hosted by LeRoy Hyatt and Carolyn Sells.
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